Petra Business Systems, Inc


Founded in 2004, Petra Business Systems is a provider of Information Technology services with specialized skills in many different vertical markets. Our consultants possess the proficiency, knowledge and years of experience necessary  to effectively assist clients with everything from simple to complex project implementations. From Data Migration, Systems Analysis, and Modeling, to Data Warehouse design using best practices and iterations methodologies, Petra provides in-depth expertise in determining requirements, selecting vendors, and implementation. In addition to supporting the entire Data Warehouse development lifecycle using COTS (Commercial Off-The-Shelf) solutions, Petra also supports custom solutions based on our clients’ specific needs.


Petra consultants are a small and knowledgeable group of experienced consultants who exceed industry standards across all areas of expertise and customer service.  By being selective and thoughtful in the hiring and placement of our consultants, Petra remains agile and is able to respond to customer’s needs quickly and efficiently. Partnered with IBM, Prolifics and TEKsystems, Petra is committed to providing the best solutions for our clients.


Petra, Solution for Success.


Petra believes that any successful engagement begins with the core values of integrity, trust, commitment and understanding.


At Petra, our core values define our culture and govern the ways in which we conduct business and interact with our clients.  An underlying principle of our business is our commitment to uphold the highest ethical standards in ourselves and those around us. To that end, at Petra, how we behave is as important as the results we achieve.



Petra consultants, employees and sub-vendors interact with our clients and contacts with the highest level of integrity.  Respect, professionalism and high ethical standards form the bedrock of all of Petra’s relationships, and result in lasting connections between Petra and its clients, companies, employees and vendors.



Petra employees, consultants and sub-vendors main focus on any engagement is to build trust with the customer. Petra builds trust through honest and respectful interactions, and through delivering reliable, informed results that exceed our client’s expectations.



Our commitment is what sets Petra apart from our industry peers. Whether an engagement involves education and training, or a multi-year project implementation process, Petra’s commitment to the success of our client’s projects is unparalleled and unwavering.



Petra understands that any project, small or large, is an extremely important and crucial project for our clients. Petra works to ensure that it understands the specific needs of every client, small or large, and communicates with our clients throughout the engagement to ensure that everyone involved with a given project is informed and at ease.




Mike Hester

Founder and Senior Partner

Mike Hester has 33 years of professional experience with 18 years specializing in Business Intelligence. While he worked in Jordan supporting the Ministry of Water’s Initiative, an inspirational visit to the city of Petra planted a seed in Mike’s mind. Like the ancient city, he would build a well-trusted company that would stand the test of time.


Mike founded Petra in 2004. Since then, Mike and Petra have been providing Business Intelligence solutions for a multitude of Fortune 100 and 500 companies. Experienced with large and small data migration projects, Mike has helped customers implement solutions that take advantage of existing and emerging technologies. Helping customers over a wide range of markets, the company is experienced in retail, telecom, health, banking and insurance solutions, among other industries, and possesses the skills, experience and resources necessary to assist clients across any industry with whatever services they may need.



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